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Which app is best to run my farrier business ?

More and more farriers are using digital tools to run their business. One such farrier is Gavin Welsh from New Zealand, who has integrated the EQUINET app into his farriery business and is enjoying the benefits.

EQUINET is another tool to complete your Hoofcare job, just like you use a knife, nipper, rasp, hammer, shoe or nail. EQUINET is also a collaboration tool you reach for to record notes, products used and photos of your job, which you can then share in the form of a report with Owners, Trainers, Vets, and other Farriers.

Gavin explains why he uses EQUINET to help run his business.

Why Gavin Welsh uses EQUINET
Why Gavin Welsh uses EQUINET to help run his farrier business

“The familiar flutter when the window’s open on a hot day, you know the one; sitting on the dashboard, the barely-used, corner-curled, triplicate-copy invoice book that you dust off when you have a tax registered customer.

The reality is, this is widely representative of the farriery industry, still existing in yesteryear’s record-keeping and accounting, while technology bounds energetically into just about every other corner of our lives.

Having explored a number of farrier record keeping options in the past, they simply didn’t make the cut, it has therefore been my great fortune to have stumbled upon the Mustad Farrier App.

Mustad will of course be an industry name that any farrier will be familiar with. With a hundred and ninety years under their belt, they certainly know the horseshoeing business.

Having dedicated significant time and resource to the development of the new app, Sebastiaan Ordelman and the team at Mustad have delivered a truly outstanding farriery management system that will project the farriery industry to the level of professionalism which is reflective of the expectations of modern equestrian sport. Not only that, but they have delivered it at zero cost to the user!

The ability to seamlessly connect scheduling, accounting, client records, procedure records, reporting, and even inventory and stock management has streamlined our busy multi-farrier practice to a whole new level of efficiency.

EQUINET, as with any tool in the toolchest, does take a bit of time to master, but with that investment comes a torrent of opportunity that will springboard your business to the next level.

Scheduling Appointments

Automated reminders sent to the farrier ensure that ‘the horses that fall through the cracks’ simply don’t, providing your clients with confidence that you’re operating efficiently and professionally.

Equally, the much-loved integrated pre-appointment reminders to clients prevent those frustrating “oops! Sorry” moments.

Invoice Management

If you’ve already found yourself making use of online accounting systems like Xero or QuickBooks, the great news is that Equinet is an approved third party provider, meaning that you can even link your existing accounting systems to the app, making invoicing a breeze!

All in all, Mustad Equinet is a stunning, user-friendly farriery management app which can comfortably become the backbone of your business administration; along with Mustad’s determination to gift the app to the industry for free, it really only leaves farriers with one decision.

Do you want to be a customer focussed, modern, professional farrier….…or not?”

The EQUINET Farrier App has been built for Farriers, in consultation with Farriers.  The App was released in October 2020 and is available for FREE through the App stores in Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia.

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