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What should I look for in a farrier apron ?

When it comes to choosing the right farrier apron for you, there are many variables to take into consideration. Durability along with comfort are very important when using these products.  Like all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) it often comes down to how often you are using this PPE and if its often, you want to make sure this PPE is comfortable to wear.

Mustad Australia stocks a range of Farrier Aprons that fit the GOOD, BETTER AND BEST product categories.

Following is a summary of the Aprons we stock and sell at Mustad Australia:


  • O’Dwyer Xtra Leather Apron is ideal for your part time Farrier/trimmer who is servicing 0-15 horses per week.
  • Available in 2 lengths 1) Short = 66cm in length (ideal for users 5’10” and under); 2) Long = 76cm in length (ideal for users 5’11” and above).
  • Features, high quality leather with double leather pads for high wear areas
  • Knife pockets on both sides
  • Magnet on left leg to affix nails
  • Quick release Velcro waist strap with a metal buckle and back support.
  • Velcro leg straps, for improved fit around your legs

The O’Dwyer Leather Apron Xtra is ideal for users who are shoeing/trimming low numbers of horses per week and if looked after and maintained well, this apron will last you a long time and protect your legs and clothing.


At Mustad Australia, we have two aprons that fit this product category, 1) Edge Farrier Apron (various colours and styles); 2) Derby Premium Apron.  Both are very good aprons that are suitable for professional farriers who are shoeing/trimming 16-40 horses per week.

Lets look firstly at the Edge Farrier Apron with four knive pockets, which is feature packed:

  • Available currently in one size, Long = 76cm in length (ideal for users 5’11” and above).
  • This apron has 4 knife pockets and nail magnets on both legs that give you optimal choice and flexibility,
  • The waist strap is a set and forget system that has a Velcro, pull away strap with a plastic quick release belt buckle, with a back support built into the waist strap.
  • Padded knee pads providing more protection for your legs
  • This apron is a mix of ripstop canvas and leather that offers ultimate comfort as it is not too heavy while offering very good protection to the farrier.
  • Quick release leg straps

We also offer the Edge Farrier apron with two knife pockets, available in  (Long = 76cm in length and Short = 65cm in length).

Now let’s look at the Derby Premium Apron which is also feature packed and offers high quality protection to the farrier:

  • This apron comes in one size and is ideally suited to Farriers under 6’ in height. The length of this Apron is 72cm, so it falls in between the length of the O’Dwyer Long and Short Apron lengths.
  • The waist strap has been very thoughtfully designed, using a clip on button system to ensure horse hair and dirt, does not compromise the grip of the waist strap over time. It also features a plastic quick release buckle for quick removal as well as a back support attached to the strap,
  • This apron has a knife pocket on both legs as well as a strong nail magnet on the right leg,
  • Added padding to knees for increased protection to the legs,
  • Ultralight apron with an internal lining that allows air circulation.
  • Made with a combination of leather and fireproof canvas for greater resistance and comfort to the farrier, the Leather has been tanned with chromium salts to make it more durable.
  • Canvas is made with high quality polyester and PVC.
  • Adjustable buckles at waist and inner thigh.


Our Best Apron product range is the SILVERBACK range of aprons that has been thoughtfully designed with the Farrier’s needs in mind by Danny Elliot in the UK.  At Mustad Australia we stock 2 types of Silverback Aprons, 1) The Silverback Original Chaps (3 sizes); 2) Silverback Lite version (1 size).  These Aprons are ideal for Professional Farriers who are shoeing and trimming more than 30 horses per week.

Lets look at the Silverback Original Chaps:

  • Made in the UK, these comfortable and ergonomic chaps are made from heavy duty 3.2 mm chrome leather with DNA 5.75 mm impact foam underneath.
  • The innovative abdominal sling, dorsal support and bi-lateral fastening system are unique patented design aspects allowing a perfect fit every time, avoiding undue stress and injury. The Silverback Chaps were developed using very high quality materials making these chaps some of the lightest on the market, with ultimate protection, creating a core stabilising system along with a great pair of chaps.
  • Available sizes
    Small – waist 28″-32″ (71-81cm) – length 75cm (29.5”)
    Medium – waist 32″-38″ (81-96.5cm) – length 75cm (29.5”)
    Large – waist 38″-42″ (96.5-106cm) – length 76cm (30”)

The Lite version of the Silverback Chaps, which has all the features of the Original chaps, but you guessed it, they are lighter, which for many professional farriers is extremely important, particularly during the warmer months, as the lighter apron is more comfortable to wear.  Silverback Chaps do not compromise on quality, we at Mustad Australia believe these Aprons to be one of the best Apron on the market.

New to the range is the Silverback Chapette, designed with female farriers in mind.
The Chapette is designed to fit perfectly and most importantly comfortably on your hips, being ultra-durable, super lightweight, providing unrivalled lumbar support, maximum protection, and a stylish design.
The honeycomb dorsal support with an abdominal sling offering the best core support system on the market.   Available in sizes XS (26″-28″ waist) and S (28″-33.5″ waist).

For more information check out this video where Clint Rolfe explains the benefits and features of the farrier aprons Mustad stocks.


  • TIP – when taking off your Apron, it is always best to use the quick release buckle, instead of ripping off the Velcro. The reason for this is over time, horse hair and dirt can build up and make your Velcro less sticky, so if you leave it in place, it will last a lot longer.

Check out this video with Clint Rolfe who tells you about his top tip when wearing aprons.

Mustad farriers aprons are available through Mustad dealers and

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